Construction Begins!

Framing & Sheeting

Floor Framing

July 17. Foundation walls have been capped and the floor joists are in.

Floor framing

Workmen are laying the subfloor sheeting.

Floor Framing complete

July 20. Not much change. The floors are fully sheeted and the garage sidewalls are (barely) standing.

Is that a dance floor?

No, its the entire first floor, viewed from the front of the house. The rickety garage walls are in the background.

We've heard the first floor is fully framed

July 25

It's true!

The front view of the first floor framing and sheeting.

Side yard

This shot gives a pretty good idea how much space we have between us and our neighbor. Over 2/3 of that is ours (the green metal utility box is on the lot line).

The Dining Room

Naked Dining Room, taken through the front window.

The Living Room

Looking left through the Dining Room window. The stairs and entry closet on the left, Family Room in the center distance and powder room and pantry framing on the right.

Kitchen Window

Shot through the Kitchen Nook window and looking toward the front of the house. The pantry door frame is on the left and the open space in the foreground is the kitchen.

Family Room (from Kitchen)

Again through the Kitchen window. The main wall of the Family Room is opposite. A fireplace with grace the center of the far wall.

Family Room

Taken from inside the back corner of the Family Room looking toward the opposite corner of the house. Kitchen on the left, Powder Room center, Dining Room right. Francie is standing at the front door.

Front Door View

Wow! That's the Sound over there...beyond the leveled area where there will be hundreds of houses. We hope a similar view may be preserved from the Master Bedroom (which will be just above this point).

The Neighbor's House

They are about 2 weeks ahead of us in construction. Shot is taken from across the back alley (visible floor joists are from the house directly across the alley from us).


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