The Build

Fully framed, roofed, wrapped and sided

Wow! It's fully built!

July 31. The house is fully framed and sheeted. All of the interior walls are framed, too, so you can really feel the spaces. Almost all of the windows are installed.

Right side


That's the guest bathtub and enclosure in the garage.

View from bedroom window!

A couple of deer wander across the wasteland.

House is fully enclosed

August 6. The whole house is wrapped, the roof shingles are on and some of the trim is installed.

Open interior

Most of the rough plumbing and electrical are done. We have a walk-through meeting with the builder on 8/11 (only two working days away) just before they start covering everything up with sheetrock! The orange pipe pictured is for the fire sprinkler system.


The fireplace unit (direct vent gas) is in place.

Two bathrooms upstairs

Both the guest bathtub (right foreground) and the master shower unit (distance) are in place.

Furnace and heater ducts

Garage electrical panel

All neat and orderly (and labeled!).

The water heater

I don't think it really leans to the right...that's my lousy photography.

Siding Install

August 13. Siding is being installed on the house! Not much change inside.

Siding Install

Siding Install

Looks like they're getting ready to insulate.

Siding Fully Installed

August 15. Inside, the only change is the installation of most of the insulation. A quick stop on August 18 showed that drywall has been hung inside the house, but not yet taped.


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