Rob & Francie's New Home in DuPont, WA

Built by Quadrant Homes


On February 14, 2004, Francie and I waited in the 6 am dark at Northwest Landing to get our names on the "list" for a new home site.  We ended up being Number 21 on the list for the upcoming release of 22 home sites in the Hoffman Hill II division.  After two months of nail-biting waiting, we learned which site would be ours:  Lot 44.  In the meantime, we decided that we wanted the Village Series style 2321 for our home (approximately 2321 square feet, two-story, alley garage entrance).  The floorplan can be seen on Quadrant's website at   We have chosen Elevation A.

Part of Quadrant's method is to allow the new home owners to select all of the options for their home.  They have a large home showroom in Bellevue, WA, to allow the buyers to see and touch everything.  Hundreds of carpet, vinyl and wood flooring options, interior paint colors, dozens of light fixtures, etc., etc.  We finalized all of our options on May 14, 2004 (3 months to the day from starting the journey).  Photos of some of our choices can be seen here.

After our lot was picked and our options were selected, the next round of waiting began.  Finally around June 20, they began to work on our house!  The lot was prepped and our foundation footings were poured!  Work continued on the foundation until July 15, when we finally had our first meeting with the construction supervisor just prior to the beginning of construction.  Our new home's construction begins July 16 and will be COMPLETED just 54 working days later--currently scheduled for September 30!  Photos the of lot, foundation preparation and our "lumber drop" can be seen here.

Actual construction began on July 16 with the capping of the foundation and laying of the floor joists.  One week later, the entire first floor was framed and sheeted (and even this is a couple of days BEHIND schedule!).  Look here to see the house beginning to take shape!

After only two weeks, the house has really taken shape.  Not only is it fully framed and sheeted, but all of the interior walls are set and the rough plumbing and electrical are in.  The water heater is in place as well as the furnace, fireplace and both bathtub/shower units.  The roof is shingled and the house is wrapped in Tyvek (or something like it).  We have an appointment on August 11 to meet with the builder just before the interior gets covered up with sheetrock.  See the amazing progress here

Interior work is well underway.  Not too much to see since the house is locked up most of the time.  What can be seen can be seen here.

Sorry for the long delay here.  When we finally GOT the house, it got a little too busy to keep up this page.  Jumping ahead a little bit, the house was finally ready for our move in on October 1, 2004

2004 Holidays!


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