2003 Kitchen Remodel Project

Since buying the house in 1999, I knew it needed a kitchen remodel.  Francie has lived here for about a year and a half and has bravely suffered through life with this kitchen.  My god, look at the floor!  Where is the counter space?  What the HELL are the water heater and furnace doing in here??

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So about two weeks ago, we were talking about doing some little things to spruce it up and make it more usable.  Before we knew it, we had a full-scale remodel project on our hands!  We will be doing all the work ourselves and really there is nothing too major going on.  We won't be knocking down any walls, moving any plumbing or adding any electrical service.  What we WILL be doing is putting down new flooring (vinyl tiles), installing new cabinets, countertop, sink, faucet and a tile backsplash.  The stove will be moving across the room (to the location currently occupied by the refrigerator) and will get a new vent hood.  We will also be "hiding" the water heater and furnace behind removable panels that will look like walls and then giving everything a fresh coat of paint.

Here are some additional photos of the room as it is now.  Looks like the last remodel was in about 1950.

Berfore #1

Looking toward the Dining Room door from the middle of the room. Featured on the left is the furnace and on the right, the windows.

Before #3

The current sink and primary counter area. How pitiful! There's about 18 inches of counter to the left of the sink and about 36 inches to the right! The new kitchen will have the sink all the way to the left and unbroken counter real estate all the way to the wall on the right! The stove will be across the room (directly across from the sink).

Before #4

Looking toward the back door from the center of the room. The fridge will be moved toward the back door to make room for the stove. The pantry shelves you see will be completely rebuilt.

Before #5

Looking toward the laundry area from the Dining Room door. The laundry area will benefit from the new floor and paint, but will remail mostly unchanged.

Before #6

Another view of the current primary work area. Big changes coming!

Finally, a shot of the "temporary kitchen".  We have moved the Varde cabinet (IKEA) and the fridge into the Dining Room.  We will be able to heat prepared meals and cold dishes while the kitchen is demolished.

2nd Weekend