2003 Kitchen Remodel Project

The Second Week

It took essentially all of the first weekend of work to empty the kitchen (food, dishes and pots and pans), set up the temporary kitchen  and to make our major buying trip to Home Depot.

The second weekend was devoted to demolition and temporary removal of the appliances and also saw the beginning of construction for the new trim details and the electrical work.  Francie's dad, Rich, helped out all day Sunday.  We would not have gotten nearly as far without his help.  Thanks, Rich.


Demolition begins with the removal of the cabinet doors and drawers.

Demolition 2

Demolition begins with the removal of the cabinet doors and drawers. Next to go will be the old pantry (right, behind Teddy's butt).


Dishwasher and stove moved to the garage for storage.

Cabinets Out

Main cabinets have been removed. Look at the lovely work behind the sink!

Cabinets Out

Cabinets and pantry removed.


Teddy likes to be involved, too.

New construction

A new wall is being added at the right-side of the counter area to help conceal the water heater and furnace. This entire length will be a glorious, continuous run of countertop!

New construction

The beam and opening that separate the laundry area (used to be a back porch, once upon a time) from the kitchen. The beam is being "lowered" to the same height as the soffit and will help carry electrical wiring.



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