2003 Kitchen Remodel Project

The Fourth Week

This weekend was pretty much devoted to finishing hanging the drywall (finishing the panel and wrapping the studs at both ends of the "arch."  Most of Sunday was spent taping the drywall and applying the first coat of the taping compound (a process called "mudding").  If we were any good, this room would have taken a couple of hours.  Instead, it took us pretty much all day.

It's a wrap!

This little projection (or post) will separate the stove from the fridge.

All wrapped up

Remember we added about 5 inches to this wall sticking out between the kitchen and the laundry area.

Removable panel is complete!

Added the last touch to the removeable panel (about the access door for the furnace).

Taping and mudding

Not much fun here today.

More of the same

2nd coat on the arch.

During the week I put in one evening on applying the second mud layer. Note that the area above the "arch" is nearly complete and is looking pretty darn good (if I do say so myself).



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