Francie's Wedding Shower in Modesto    

My Mom and Kelly (my sister-in-law) held a wedding shower for Francie in Modesto so all of the California friends and relatives could get a look at her.  I think she passed the test.  : )


Mom and Dad's front room

The cake

The table is set

And the "little tables"

Nice centerpiece

How many people are coming?

The Place of Honor

Time to eat

Kelly and Taylor

Name those guests

Someone really likes this cake. Lemon filled, too.

Penny and Helen. Who else?

Decorations galore

Carole and Teri (Francies Aunt and Mom)

Kelly, Peggy and Taylor

My Mom--Lin, if you must


A little help, please!

More gifts

And more...

Excuse me?

More gifts, more help

Still helping...still gifting


Very nice.

They're piling up!

Whose that little girl?

Yes, it IS a bowl

Tea anyone?

What is it? What is it??

Big smiles

Can we have cake now?

Nice cake...again!

Awesome bouquet! Thanks, Kelly.

Finally...let's eat this cake!