Rob and Francie

Vacation Photos July 2 - 8, 2001

We had a two-person Independence Day picnic.

Picnic Spot

Francie, of course

Shakespeare Festival Ashland, OR

Outside the Elizabethan Theater

Another theater

The Elizabethan Stage

This is a "stolen" photo of the stage of the Elizabethan theater. Photos are not allowed, but we took one anyway. The set is for "Troillus and Cressida".

Rob's niece Taylor

Taylor and Megan

Taylor and Mommie

Taylor with flowers


On the way home, we stopped at "The Oregon Vortex" and it's "House of Mystery."

The Vortex House and tour guide

Bottles roll uphill!

Facing South (standing up straight)

Facing North (standing up straight)

Back of the House

Golfballs roll uphill, too


Lineup 2

Lineup 3

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