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New Additions

New Additions!

Model 24-3


I just received this Model 24-3 from an Auction Arms deal. The revolver is near mint and appears unfired. However, I was disappointed to note two small spots of heavy rust! One on the barrel and one on the forward curve of the triggerguard. I'll withhold any other comment pending the sellers statement.

Anyway...this is a very nice looking gun! The trigger is the sweetest I've ever felt--superior to my Model 28. Can't wait to shoot this darling!

32-20 Hand Ejector--4th Change c. 1920

32-20 Hand Ejector

I picked up this 32-20 Hand Ejector very cheaply! The nickel plating is in pretty good shape with a bit of thinning and pitting from the usual holster wear. There does not appear to be any flaking or rust underneath. The bore appears to be heavily leaded, but I cannot yet determine whether it is pitted. The DA cocking stroke (or hand cocking, for that matter) is attrocious! Need to dive in there to see if something is bent, out of alignment or just gummed up.

As you can see in the picture below, the right grip panel has two chips out: one at the top and one at the forward edge of the butt. The other panel is solid. Checkering is worn a bit, but not bad overall.

Grip chips

Get a Grip


While picking up the 32-20, I asked the guys in the shop if they had any old S&W grips lying around. My Model 28 came with rubber "presentation" grips, but now has a pair of Hogue Rosewood Monogrips. Needed a pair of the "real thing", though. The N-frame target stocks are date-stamped "May 28, 1986". The pair of older K-frame grips just called to me. Don't have a use for them right now, but you never know. $30 for the pair.

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Updated 6-17-2002