House Pictures!

In July of 1999, I bought and moved into my first house. It was built in 1913 in the Craftsman Style (also known as "Mission Style"). It is a 4 bedroom, 1.25 bath home with a very large (4+ car) detached garage. The interior is full of original woodwork, including built-in china cabinets, hutches, plate rails, waiscoting and wood floors.

Right now I only have pictures of the outside, but I'll post some interior shots soon!

Front View

Front view of house. The previous owners thought this house was "Colonial Style" for some reason, so they painted the trim the lovely shade of yellow you see here. My near-future plans call for more correct Hunter Green trim (yes, I love green!).

Left Front View

In this view, you can better see the 2nd floor dormer which is the master bedroom. Also note the rose bed on the right side of the picture.

Right Front View

This view lets you see down the driveway to the garage in back. The photo was obviously taken during the election of 2000!

Back View

This back view shows the back door which opens into the laundry room and kitchen. The back dormer is my "office" and computer room. The third bedroom upstairs is at the gable end visible at the right of the picture.

The satellite dish installation is still not complete, but I did finally get the cables routed under the house instead of under the back door! I need to spend an afternoon tacking them up under the eves to clean things up.

Overgrown Back Yard

The final picture of the outside shows the shamefully overgrown back yard! It's not very big, but I still hate yardword! Only Teddy goes out there very often. There's a nice prune plum tree and a rose bush (you can barely see it in the picture--it's about 6 feet tall!) as well as some blackberry bushes.