The Interior

The outside is mostly serious work begins on the interior!

Augutst 28

Exterior Progress (almosst done out here)

Upstaris hall

Looking toward Master Bedroom from Office

Master Bath

Looking into the Bath from the Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Closet on the left, entrance on the right


From inside the Dining Room looking at the Stairs


Looking into the Family Room from the Garage door


From the Kitchen towards the Patio door


The Kitchen

September 9 Concrete framing

Over the past two weeks, the house has been closed up for painting, texturing and electrical work. There's finally something new to see outside! They're getting ready to pour the driveway, patio and front porch.

Front Porch Forms

Patio Forms

Lousy picture of the fireplace

Taken through the Kitchen window.


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