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Official Police 38-200

Official Police

This Colt Official Police revolver was made in 1941, just before the US entry into World War II. At the time, US arms makers were supplying all manner of firearms to Allied partners. This piece is marked with the British caliber designation "38-200", which is a heavy-bullet loading of the .38 S&W (not S&W Special).

The grips on the piece are replacements as the gun would have left Colt with checkered walnut stocks. The orange/red color of the wood makes me think "S.E. Asia". The lanyard ring is a common feature on British and Commonwealth revolvers.

The piece carries some special markings that I would like to identify. If you have any information about them, please e-mail me! Ahead of the cylinder on the left side of the frame is a small "crossed pennants" stamp. On the same side, behind the cylinder, is a series of marks that include a "broad arrow" mark, a stylized "crown", then the letters "W 8", then an "E" on its side, then a largish "crown with W" stamp (see pic). While hinting heavily toward British or Commonwealth issue, the lack of firing proofs is a mystery. Usually, British revolvers are proof fired and marked ON EACH CHAMBER to indicate passage. Finally, the bottom of the butt is marked with a rack or issue number--571.

Forward marking

Rear Marking

Police Positive .32

Police Positive

This short-barreled Police Positive in .32 Colt New Police caliber has a few interesting points. Note the short barrel (2 3/8") with the "B .32" marking. Does this denote an early "sub model" Banker's Special? In any case, the barrel has a last patent date of 1926, which makes it "2nd Issue". However, the gun's manufacturing features and serial number of 159,xxx place its manufacture in very early 1921. So, this is a "1st Issue" frame with a later barrel replacement.

The butt also has a marking of "9 T" twice (two different sizes and both struck poorly). This may be an issue number for a police agency of some sort.

Sadly, in addition to the barrel replacement, I'm fairly certain that it has been reblued. The very faint "rampant Colt" on the frame and the bluing on the side of the hammer are the biggest indicators. Also, the unattractive white plastic grips are replacements.

Barrel marking

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